I am delighted to announce that our Section 48 Inspection Report has now been published and confirms that we are Outstanding. The report says:

“This is an outstanding school because:

  • The College’s manifest Catholic character permeates the whole life of this flourishing educational community due to the strong commitment of Governors, Headteacher and leaders throughout the College.
  • The inclusive mission statement underpins the whole life and work of the College community.
  • The behaviour and disposition of students is of a high order reflecting the lived reality of the school creed “At St Greg’s we are family……In Christ we Flourish” which students readily recall and quote.
  • The significant provision and high quality of pastoral care shown to all members of the community, both students and staff, is outstanding.
  • Chaplaincy is at the heart of the life of the College, strongly promoting the Catholic character of the College through prayer, worship and social action while respecting the range of faith and belief among members of the community.
  • Attainment in GCSE Religious Studies (RS) is very strong; sixth form students display a very high standard of religious literacy.
  • Religious Education (RE) is recognised as ‘the core of the core curriculum’ by Governors, school leaders and subject teachers who actively seek to ensure that each student is able to fully realise their potential.
  • Prayer life is a particular strength of the College; all students are involved in devising and leading prayer in tutor time and participate in a full programme of liturgy and worship throughout the year, facilitated by the inspiring Lay Chaplain.
  • Students take full advantage of the many thoughtful opportunities to serve the school and wider community, at home and abroad, by prayer, personal service and fundraising.
  • The experience of living and working in a Catholic praying community makes a significant contribution to students’ spiritual and moral development. “

I would like to thank all students, staff, parents, carers and Governors for your continued support and commitment to the family of St Gregory’s.

To read the full report click here.

Ms A Cusack