This year’s big Christmas Appeal is all about us creating hampers that we can distribute to our local community. In the past we’ve filled shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child or shoeboxes for the Salvation Army and local refuges. The plan for this year is to share our Christmas love and joy with a variety of people who would truly appreciate the kindness we can show them. From those who are lonely at Christmas, have no family around or struggle to buy lots of presents, decorations and Christmas food for their family.

Our local community has it’s fair share of people who fall into these categories through no fault of their own and we would love to do what we can to make Christmas special for everyone. In the words of one of our new house saints, Oscar Romero – “We must be God’s microphones! We are called to be messengers, to be prophets.” The plan is for tutor groups to put together as many hampers as they are able to by:

  • Finding boxes (E.g. photocopying boxes) and wrapping them in Christmas paper
  • Deciding who the box is for (One person/family/older people)
  • Fill the hamper with a variety of gifts, decorations, candles, table runners, vouchers, chocolate and snacks
  • Bring them to the Chapel or The Well by 13th December in time for us to deliver them by the end of term

10G are already well underway leading Year 10 fundraising with a similar project to support Bath Area Play Project. It is hoped that every other year group in the school and sixth form will get involved with our Christmas Hamper Appeal for the community of St Gregory’s and beyond.

There aren’t many greater ways of getting in the Christmas spirit than by thoughtful giving.

Mr M Robinson
Lay Chaplain