Our Exam Results

Headline results demonstrate unequivocally that it is possible to secure the highest levels of attainment whilst also retaining an environment that ensures students grow into well-rounded, reflective, caring and thoughtful young people.”

GCSE Results 2018

In 2018, students and staff at St Gregory’s celebrated another outstanding year of GCSE exam success.

Headline results set the school as one of the highest achieving locally with 84% of all grades at 9 – 4 (A*-C equivalent), with over a third of all results achieving the highest possible grades of 9-7 (A*-A equivalent).

Students’ achievements in the English Baccalaureate, one of the main measures of attainment for schools, once again, showed sustained success as students achieved a record-high of A* to C grades in core academic subjects (English, maths, science, a language, and history or geography). 58% of students at Saint Gregory’s achieved the English Baccalaureate this year compared to a national average of just 23.5% in 2017 (at grade 4 or above).

There were many notable individual achievements, including:

  • Keren L who achieved the highest possible grades in all 11 GCSEs with 9 at the new grade 9 and 2 at grade 8.

Other notable successes include:

  • Emily B (11 GCSEs grade 9-7)
  • Ben S (10 GCSEs grade 9-7)
  • Lakeeshan S (10 GCSEs grade 9-7)
  • Thomas M (10 GCSEs grade 9-7)
  • Treesa R (10 GCSEs grade 9-7)

Core curriculum subjects were amongst the highest achieving with students excelling in both mathematics and English, despite involving more demanding content and elimination of coursework. 87% of all mathematics entries were awarded grade 9-4 (A*-C equivalent) with over a third at the highly coveted 9-7 (A*-A equivalent). English students faired equally impressively with 83% of all grades at 9-4 (A*-C equivalent) with 34% achieving the top results 7-9 (A*-A equivalent).

In an era of severely compressed curriculum offerings across most schools, Saint Gregory’s continue to buck this trend achieving particularly outstanding results, once again, across the performing and creative arts. An impressive 89% of students achieved 9-4 (A*-C equivalent) across the broad spectrum of subjects offered. Continued investment and development of the arts at Saint Gregory’s creates a diverse, lively and culturally rich curriculum for young people that is highly valued by students and parents alike.

A Level Results 2018

Our A Level results are excellent and not just in raw terms but also in the context of what we call ‘value-added’. Such measures seek to identify the progress that every student makes during his or her time with us, and show that our students make outstanding progress. Our A Level students performed exceptionally well in their summer exams with 70% of all A Level results securing A*-C grades with almost a quarter of all grades at the highly coveted A*-A.

Among the students who were delighted with their results were:

  • Joshua who achieved three A* grades and is now going on to Southampton University to study Mechanical Engineering
  • Charlotte who achieved A*AA grades and is studying Medicine at Southampton University
  • Harriet who achieved one A*A*B and is now going to Durham University to study Chemistry
  • Will who achieved one AAA grades and is now going to Nottingham University to study Aerospace Engineering
  • James who celebrated AAA grades to secure a place at Imperial College London to study Mathematics

Saint Gregory’s strongly advocates a safe and inclusive environment for learning where students feel valued as individuals, inspired to extend, challenge and equip themselves to achieve new goals and develop a life-long love of learning so that their school experience is not a two-dimensional exam factory. The 2018 GCSE and A level results demonstrate unequivocally that it is possible to both secure the highest levels of attainment whilst also retaining an environment that ensures students grow into well-rounded, reflective, caring and thoughtful young people.

Further information on exam results can be found here or on the DfE website.