Governing Committees

Governing Committees

including Scope of Terms of Reference, Delegated Functions and Policies

Full Governing Body:

To conduct the school with a view to promoting high standards of educational achievement at the school.

Christian Vision Committee:

Abuse Allegations, Acceptable Use ICT, Anti-Bullying, Attendance & Discipline, Behaviour, Careers Education, Child Protection, Collective Worship, Community Cohesion, Drugs Education, e-Safety, Equalities & Medical, Positive Handling, Safeguarding, Spiritual life/Chaplaincy.

Curriculum & Achievement Committee:

Acceptable Use ICT, Curriculum, Exams, Home School Agreement, Literacy, Numeracy, Personal Social & Health Education, Pupil Premium, Relationship & Sex Education, SEND, Targets, Teaching & Learning.

Finance & Premises Committee:

Budget, Business Interests, Charging, Data Protection, Education visits, Financial Administration, Freedom of Information, Governors’ Allowances, Health and Safety, Lettings, Music Fees, Pay, Premises, Purchasing, Safeguarding, Risk & Opportunity Management, Travel.

Joint Executive Committee:

Oversight of the operation of the Memorandum of Agreement. Proposing any changes to this Memorandum of Agreement. The strategic direction of the Bath Christian Federation.

Strategic Committee:

To work with the Headteacher to develop the thinking on strategic issues associated with St Gregory’s

Joint Sixth Form Committee:

Proposing the content of the curriculum, including General RE, for the joint sixth form provision. Proposing the location and distribution of staffing across the two sites. Monitoring the effective implementation of the sixth form admissions policy by both governing bodies. The creation and review of the admissions policies to each sixth form will be a matter for each governing body. Making recommendations for the arrangements for the staffing and financial management of each sixth form which will be determined by each governing body.

Staffing Committee

Abuse allegations, Appraisal, Complaints Procedure, Managing performance, Other employment policies, Pay, threshold/Leadership progression, Safeguarding, Staffing.

Contact the Clerk to Governors, Mr Mike Corrigan.