Parents’ Forum

Parent ForumThe Parents’ Forum meets once a term at school. This is open to all parents and is an excellent opportunity for parents to meet members of the school’s Leadership Team and discuss and explore issues of general interest.

Parental views are an important element of our self-evaluation and on-going development. Our Parents’ Forum is an invaluable aspect of our on-going commitment to provide an outstanding education.

Parents’ Forum Meetings (including Minutes) 2016-17

1 Parents Forum Minutes September 2016 (44.1 KiB)

2 Parents Forum Minutes January 2017 (43.4 KiB)

3 Parents Forum Minutes March 2017 (41.7 KiB)

4 Parents Forum Minutes May 2017 (560.2 KiB)

Parents’ Forum Meetings (including Minutes) 2017-18

1 Parents' Forum Minutes October 2017 (541.5 KiB)

2 Parents' Forum Presentation November 2017 (1.1 MiB)

3 Parents' Forum Minutes November 2017 (552.9 KiB)