Exam Information

Exam InformationThe Examinations Officer for St Gregory’s Catholic College is Mrs Hannah Quinn.

You may contact her on exams@st-gregorys.org.uk

Examination Boards

The School uses the following Examination Boards:


Most of the examination boards have useful pages on their websites for parents and students.

The Examination timetable for the next series of exams at St Gregory’s will be published once entries are finalised. In the meantime, a guideline can be found on the events calendar on the school website.

Please note individual dates are subject to change and we strongly advise students and parents to wait for their personalised timetable before making any holiday arrangements or travel plans. Timetables for summer exams will be issued in early spring once the entries have been made. It is not possible to know a candidate’s exact exam dates until this process is complete.

Examination Timetables

Results Dates for 2017 exams

Summer series GCE 2017 results 17 August 2017

Summer series GCSE 2017 results 24 August 2017

Examination Instructions

Information For Candidates - Controlled Assessment (44.6 KiB)

Information For Candidates - Coursework 2016-17 (44.6 KiB)

Information For Candidates - Non Exam Assessments 2016-17 (45.2 KiB)

Information For Candidates - Onscreen Tests (40.2 KiB)

Information For Candidates - Privacy Notice (35.9 KiB)

Information For Candidates - Social Media (36.1 KiB)

Information For Candidates - Written Exams (41.4 KiB)

No Mobile Phones Poster 2016 (43.6 KiB)

Warning To Candidates 2016-17 (33.8 KiB)

PDF attachments

No Mobile Phones Poster 2014 (43.0 KiB)

Warning To Candidates 2014 15 (33.4 KiB)

Lost Certificates?

Replacement certificates can be ordered from the relevant Exam board. An application form will need to be completed for each Exam board and sent with a cheque to gain replacements.