Head of Department: Mrs Joanna Bowden
Faculty Staff: Mr Simon Duffy Teacher of Art and Photography
Support Staff: Mrs Cindy Jackson Art Department Technician
Level of teaching: Key Stage 3, Key Stage 4, Key Stage 5 at The New Sixth

Art at Saint Gregory’s seeks to give students a firm foundation in the key skills of Art and Design. A broad range of media is covered including drawing, painting, printmaking and sculpture. The use of photography and digital media is also encouraged. Students learn about Art from different cultures and develop their knowledge of Art History within a variety of themed projects.

The aim is to be as creative as possible in order to produce work which is unique and personal, whilst still showing a connection to what they have learnt from others. Art can form a powerful tool for self-expression and pupils are encouraged to celebrate what is important to them in the work they create.

Key Stage 3 (Years 7-9)

This course is not studied at Key Stage 3.

Key Stage 4 (Years 10-11)

GCSE Photography

Candidates are introduced to the subject through a variety of workshop-style studio sessions, using a mixture of traditional and modern photography practices. Students learn to use the dark room to develop their photographs as well as using Photoshop to edit photography created with digital cameras.

The course encourages candidates to develop their own work with reference to other photographers in our own and other cultures; within a historical perspective and responding to current ideas.

Gallery visits, contextual studies and suggested courses of independent study, including using the internet, help candidates in personal research for their sketchbooks and project outcomes.

Year 10 Photography

Terms 1 & 2

Topic 1: Abstraction

Topic 2: Abstraction

Terms 3 & 4

Topic 1: Unusual Portraiture

Topic 2: Unusual Portraiture

Terms 5 & 6

Topic 1: Unusual Portraiture

Topic 2: Mock Exam Project

Year 11

Terms 1 & 2

Topic 1: Mock Exam Project

Topic 2: Mock Exam Project

Terms 3 & 4

Topic 1: Exam

Topic 2: Exam

Terms 5 & 6

Topic 1: Photography has ended

Topic 2: Photography has ended

Key Stage 5 (Years 12-13)

Course Code: A Level Photography AQA 7246 & 7206
Exam Board Specification:

Students who take this course:
Many will have taken Art GCSE and achieved at least a Grade 5, or have followed a personal interest in photography and will be able to provide evidence to support this. Five GCSEs 4-9 or equivalent (including English and Maths) will prove your commitment to the large amounts of coursework you can expect from Photography A-Level.

Course Description:
The course will allow you initially to explore different photography techniques in a mainly digital format during the first two terms with three projects focusing on Landscape, Portraiture and Still-Life. You will be introduced to many traditional and contemporary photographers and their techniques to inspire your own independent creative responses to the themes. Following on from this you will specialise in your chosen area for an extended project allowing you to develop your own personal outcomes. You will learn how to use photographic equipment including cameras, studio equipment and Adobe Photoshop for editing images.

Overall you will learn to use Photography as a means of exploring your own creativity allowing you to communicate ideas about yourself and your environment in a visual way. Trips to shoot locations and exhibitions will take place throughout the year to help aid your learning experience.

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