The PSHE programme at St. Gregory’s reflects and reinforces the Christian values and curriculum aims of the school and recognises each child as a unique creation with individual needs. It gives opportunities for students to critically reflect on their experiences and to develop their sense of individual identity, well-being and self-esteem.

The intention is that students are encouraged to believe in their ability to succeed, to manage risk and take responsibility for themselves as a learner and as a member of society, to consider future choices and to develop aspirations for their working life. Students are also encouraged to develop respect for diversity in society.

Content and Approach:

PSHE is delivered in a cross-curricular approach, featuring heavily in the RE, Performing Arts and Humanities curricula. Additionally, work is covered in tutor time and there are some themed events throughout the year looking at issues such as e-safety.

In all of these area we cover:

  • Personal Well-Being. This encompasses personal identity, healthy lifestyles, risk, relationships and diversity and includes our legal responsibilities to provide a programme of sex and relationships education as well as drugs education.
  • Economic Well-Being. This includes work on careers education, work related learning and financial capability.
  • Citizenship. Pupils learn about and understand democracy and justice in the UK and their rights and responsibilities as UK citizens.