International Links

International School“Cultural and spiritual development is exceptionally strong, and students put into practice in their
day-to-day work, the values they learn in the College.”

Saint Gregory’s is an outward looking International School, giving students a wide variety of opportunities to become involved in global education projects.

We have well established on-going partnerships across many European countries, through British Council sponsored projects and other links, and with our partner schools further afield in countries such as China, India and Japan.

Taking part in international projects helps students prepare themselves as global citizens, and to become more aware of social, economic and political issues that affect people across the world. Students develop the desire to want to make a difference, by sharing what they know with their peers, and making their views known across the school and the wider community.

International activities within school have investigated the disparity between the rich and poor, individuals, communities and countries, how to improve access to health, and the ‘right to education’. These are live issues which are debated in class and in the PHSE programme. Students who have a bigger picture of world affairs are better able to make a contribution, and to make their voices heard.

Students at Saint Gregory’s also have many opportunities to travel abroad on project visits or on curriculum trips in many subjects such as Sports, the Arts, Languages, History, Geography and Business Studies.

Our growing list of partner countries means that we are also often asked to host visiting teachers, who come to observe lessons, meet students and to share teaching.

In 2017, our vast range of international activities was recognised by successful reaccreditation of the British Council’s Full International School Award.

For Saint Gregory’s, our classroom is the world.