Córdoba Exchange

Cordoba Exchange

The Córdoba Exchange continues to strengthen and develop the long established partnership between Saint Gregory’s Bath and IES Grupo Cántico School in Córdoba.

Situated in Andalucía, Córdoba is a beautiful city recognised by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.  It provides an ideal base for our trip, giving students the opportunity to learn about the culture of Andalucía. In addition to visiting the major historical sites in Córdoba, students take part in excursions to Seville’s spectacular Cathedral and the stunning Alhambra Palace in Granada.

Highlights of the trip include the chance to see what life in a Spanish school is like and spending a day with a Spanish host family. These experiences give students a taste of authentic Spanish life, as well as improve their linguistic competence. Students always enjoy welcoming their Spanish partners to Bath in the Summer Term, so that they can return the same warm hospitality they received in Córdoba and meet up again with the friends they made.

The Córdoba Exchange brings with it many benefits. Not only does it give students the opportunity to form and maintain friendships on an international level, but it also opens their minds to different cultures and ways of life. In addition, we find that students who take part in the exchange programme develop a love for language learning and are often inspired to further their studies of Spanish.