Saint Gregory’s has been at the forefront of developing educational links with European schools through schemes run by the European Union, firstly through Comenius Partnerships, and more recently the new Erasmus+ programme.

The long term goal of these European wide schemes is to develop students experience and understanding of different cultures and to prepare them for a world of work that is increasingly ‘mobile’.

The skills students learn by taking part in overseas visits help them become confident outward-looking young people.

Our two year Erasmus partnership (2014 – 16), with partners in Italy, Spain, Greece, Turkey and Latvia, has a common theme in studying water resources in very different countries. Students work in international teams at week-long conferences hosted by the partner schools in turn. Topics included water purification and desalination, pollution, flooding, as well as sport and tourism.

Students’ language, IT and communication skills develop noticeably and they gain ‘soft’ skills of creativity and team working which are increasingly important to employers.

The European ‘vision’ offers the prospect of a better world through the experiences our students give and gain by taking part in these partnerships.