Partnerships with China


“The college is strongly committed to international partnerships and considers it vital that students understand
what it means to be part of a village, and to further develop their respect for other cultures”.

Saint Gregory’s has many links with schools across China. Saint Gregory’s receives student groups from our Chinese partner schools, who attend classes with student buddies for week long visits. This is a rewarding and enriching opportunity where students can gain insight into each other’s language and culture. The week-long programmes culminate in a celebration assembly at the end of the week, attended by both the visiting Chinese students and their Saint Gregory’s buddies, often involving music, song and dance.

Saint Gregory’s is also part of the Mandarin Excellence Programme, offering students an exceptional opportunity in language provision. In being the most widely spoken language in the world, Mandarin Chinese is recognised as one of the most important languages for the UK’s future. The programme provides a fantastic opportunity for students to acquire vital language skills, for life and for work in an increasingly connected world.

Both staff and student trips to China have taken place over recent years, and further plans are afoot to enable Saint Gregory’s students the opportunity to participate in visits to China, to further improve their linguistic and cultural knowledge, and to gain direct experience, understanding and appreciation of the country and its rich culture and history.