“Chaplaincy at Saint Gregory’s aims to strengthen and nourish our young people on this vital stage of their journey. We believe discernment and Gospel values are integral elements for discovering our true vocation. Chaplaincy aims to supply this scaffold of spiritual and pastoral support so that all our students fulfil their calling.”

Matt Robinson, Chaplain

Chaplaincy at Saint Gregory’s offers students a programme of activities and retreats to engage in a spiritual journey in a way that speaks to young people. We welcome Chaplains from a range of Christian backgrounds to work together to provide a caring, welcoming, inclusive and stimulating environment for all.

Our school chaplaincy groups meet regularly in the chapel and is supported by our school Chaplain. The work of the chaplaincy groups represents our Christian values in action. The chaplaincy organises a wide range of activities from a spiritual perspective including meditation, morning prayer and other devotions. Students work together throughout the academic calendar to raise awareness and funds for charities such as CAFOD, Julian House and Macmillan Cancer Support.

The Blessed Sacrament is present through the week in the school chapel. It is a place of great peace and calm and provides a sanctuary for young people away to reflect, meet and pray.

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