Statutory Website Information


1. Contact Details

Saint Gregory’s Catholic College
Combe Hay Lane
Odd Down
T: 01225 832873
F: 01225 835848
Headmistress – Ms Ann Cusack

2. Ethos

Information about the School’s Ethos and Values can be found here and below:

Our Mission Statement

“As a Catholic school, our inspiration is Jesus Christ. We therefore promote the dignity and well-being of every child and ensure that they flourish with us in a safe, happy and enriching environment.

We believe that everyone is gifted and called by God to fulfil some definite service for the greater good of society. We will help our students to discover their vocation in life, to achieve their full potential and to use their gifts for the greater glory of God.”

Mission Statement, approved by the Governing Body, March 2015

Additional information is also provided in the School Development Plan

3. Behaviour

Information about the School Behaviour Policy can be found here

4. Admissions

Information about the School Admissions Policies can be found here.

5. Data and Ofsted

Information about the School’s most recent Ofsted report can be found here

Information about the School Key Stage 4 Results can be found here

The School Performance Table can be found on the Department for Education website here

6. Curriculum and Qualifications

Information about the school’s Curriculum and Assessment can be found here

Information about available Key Stage Courses at St Gregory’s Bath can be found here

A list of the Key Stage 4 courses available and their qualifications are as follows. Click on the subject name to be taken to the exam syllabus information:


Business Studies





Food Technology



Level Up


Media Studies

MFL – Chinese

MFL – French

MFL – German

MFL – Spanish



Physical Education




Religious Education

Science – Biology

Science – Chemistry

Science – Physics


Other courses:

Citizenship and British Values

7. Pupil Premium

Information about the School’s most recent Pupil Premium Action Plan can be found here

Information about the School’s most recent Pupil Premium Evaluation Report can be found here

8. Year 7 Literacy and Numeracy Catch-up Premium

Information about the School’s Year 7 Literacy and Numeracy Catch-up Premium can be found here

9. Special Educational Needs

Information about the School’s most recent Special Educational Needs report can be found here

Further information about the school’s Special Educational Needs provision can be found here

10. Charging and Remissions Policy

Information about the School’s Charging and Remissions Policy can be found on here

11. Complaints Policy

Information about the School’s Complaints Policy can be found on here


Request for Copies

If you require a physical copy of any information on this website, please direct your request to your child’s Tutor, and it will be provided free-of-charge. Alternatively, please email: