We set off from school in our matching red ski team hoodies and after a long journey to Dover, a ferry crossing shared with British University ski competitors and a further 13 hours on the coach, we arrived safely in Serre Chevalier.

We picked up our skis, checked into the hotel and ate dinner. The next morning we met our ski instructors, Manu, Martial, Jeremy and Marc. We all picked up skiing really quickly and to Mrs Baker’s surprise, we were all hitting the slopes by day 2!

We enjoyed 4 hours of amazing skiing every day, with a lunch break in a beautiful mountain cabin, to enjoy Jean-Michels homemade packed lunches! The sun shone most days and the snow conditions were excellent.  In the evenings we went swimming, visited the Thermal Baths, to a Pizzeria and on a tour of the old walled town of Briançon (complete with History lesson from Mr Darch!).

On the final evening, the instructors joined us at dinner to present everyone with their ski awards and our teachers presented prizes. Finley Marsh and Meleesa Ambrosini were awarded King and Queen of the slopes. All in all, an amazing trip!

Joe, 10A