Students are currently rehearsing an ambitious multi arts performance which investigates the mysterious subject of sleep. The year-long project funded by a grant from the Wellcome Trust has explored sleep and sleep disorders, particularly in young people.

Participants in a number of years and from our partner primary schools kept a week long ‘sleep diary’ recording their sleep patterns, bedtime and waking, dreaming and tiredness during the day, and how the patterns change as children grow older.
Some very interesting statistics show the way teenagers use their time before bed, and how this can affect their sleep.

This research, which was initiated by Dr Adrian Kendrick of the ‘Sleep Unit’ at Bristol Royal Infirmary, has been the inspiration for creative work in music composition, choreography, dance, drama, written word and visual arts.

The outcomes will be seen in a public performance on Sunday 7 July at 3pm at the West Wing Theatre, Hayesfield School. The show then tours to 7 partner primary schools before returning to St Gregory’s as the finale of Enrichment Week on 12 July.

Students in the Year 9 dance group were photographed as they took part in workshops, developing a dance piece based on the theme ‘sleepover’, where strange noises are heard while a group of friends are camping one night.

The final performance will be expressive, informative and funny. Free tickets for the Sunday afternoon show on 7 July will shortly be available.