Please note that the new term begins on Monday 6th January

Uniform and appearance

We believe that high standards of dress and appearance reflect high standards in other areas. The school’s uniform gives students a sense of pride and identity in keeping with the traditions of the school. Good uniform creates an atmosphere of excellence.

As always, please take care to ensure that your son/ daughter returns to school in full and proper uniform, including appropriate hairstyle and footwear. Students may be tempted to experiment with hair colour over the holiday but should return to school with their natural colour. As always, extreme hairstyles are forbidden and boys’ haircuts should be no less than a number 3 and above the collar. The only jewellery permitted is a watch and a single stud earring in each ear.

This is an ideal time to replace uniform which no longer fits, especially skirts which have become too short.

For further guidance on consequences please refer to page 6 of our ‘Behaviour for Excellence’ document which can be found on the school website and the abbreviated version in students’ personal planners.

We wish you all a very happy and restful holiday.

Mrs Barrett, Head of School