Year 11 BANES football runners –up

After a fantastic season the Year 11 football team travelled to Keynsham to play against Chew Valley in the BANES final. The team was nervous but confident after some brilliant recent performances. This form continued from kick off when Kai Franklin netted after what can only have been 20 seconds. St. Gregory’s dominated the first half with Captain Peter Bowen and Taylor Bateman performing brilliantly. Solid performances from the likes of Sam Beech and Tom Chinnok at the back meant we were rarely troubled throughout the first half.

Although St. Gregory’s dominated both possession and territory unfortunately we just couldn’t score some well-deserved extra goals. The second half started brightly with the excellent Joe Murray finishing neatly after Kai Franklin put pressure on the opposition keeper. Despite scoring first St. Gregory’s never really got going in the second half and Chew Valley worked their way back into the game to leave it 2-2 with 10 minutes to play. St. Gregory’s kept fighting to the end but a late penalty from Chew Valley eventually let us just short. It was a great spirited display from St. Gregory’s and the squad despite being disappointed should hold their heads up high after a great performance and a fantastic season. It just leaves me to say how proud I was to work with such a great squad this year. Good luck to all of you in the future.

Final Score St. Gregory’s 2 – 3 Chew Valley.

Mr Brodie