The new academic year will see Saint Gregory’s complete its transformation into an 11-18 school. For the first time we will have students from Year 7 right through to Year 13. There will of course be more students on site but we will not lose that sense of family atmosphere which is such a strong feature of our school. What we have seen this year is that the sixth formers add to that atmosphere by helping out the younger students. Our continued expansion means that we will welcome fifteen new members of staff in September who will help us to continue to deliver an outstanding provision for our students. I will introduce them to you next term.

Year 12 students please remember that your AS results will be available from 9.00 am on Thursday 14 August. Year 11 students also please note that your GCSE results will be available from 9.00 am on Thursday 21 August. Members of staff will be on hand to advise and support you in your subject choices for sixth form.

The arrangements for the beginning of the new academic year are as follows:

Monday 1 September: Training day for staff only (no students)

Tuesday 2 September: Year 7 and 12 students only for induction

  • Year 7 Induction (all Year 7 students should report to the main hall at 8.45 am where they will be met by their tutor – Year 7 students will be in school all day until 3.10 pm). Please note that buses will run as normal but on the school services there will be no older students on board except possibly a few year 12 students.
  • Year 12 Registration (all Year 12 students should report to the drama studio for assembly at 9.00 am where they will meet their tutor and then complete the registration process – please note they are likely to be finished before the end of the day)

Wednesday 3 September: Term begins for all students in Year 7-13

Thursday 4 September: Year 11 parents’ evening to review GCSE targets from 4 – 7pm.

  • All parents/carers and Year 11 students are encouraged to attend this very important parents’ evening. Appointments can be made on the Wednesday and Thursday when we return.

Please also note that the school will be closed on Friday 26 September, Monday 3 November and Friday 27 March for further staff training days.

I have enclosed with this letter the term dates for next year. The full parents’ calendar will be available early next term on the school website.

Summer Safety

We are all looking forward to a break over the summer and we hope the good weather continues for a while longer. We will help parents by reinforcing to the students some basic reminders about staying safe over the summer, especially online. There has been a significant increase in activity online in the last few years, especially in the more popular social messaging platforms. Most of the conversations that take place online are perfectly sociable but there are times when it can be less than pleasant and often the issues arising from online disputes can come into school. We will of course help with any disputes which affect relationships in school but I need to remind all parents that what children do online out of school is your responsibility. As a parent myself, I know it’s easier said than done to ‘police’ their online activity but it is an aspect of modern parenting that we all need to take very seriously.

Uniform and Appearance in September

Over the summer students sometimes like to experiment with hairstyles and jewellery. I would also like to remind parents and carers that all students should come back to school in September with normal uniform and no extreme hairstyles (especially dyed hair or shaved patches). We have a clear and sensible policy on jewellery which is one stud earring in each ear and no piercings. I would also encourage parents to provide a rucksack style bag for school. We have seen a new trend for handbags among the girls, which are not appropriate for school. Please respect these rules so that when the students return we are able to welcome them and settle them quickly into school life.

Nut Allergy

I would like to remind all parents that we have a number of students with serious nut allergies and we operate a strict policy of no nuts or nut products in school. Please ensure that your children do not come to school with any nuts or any products with nut traces in their packed lunches. If you are in doubt please check the product information for a breakdown of the contents.

Communication with parents

From September, we will no longer be sending home a paper copy of the school newsletter on a Friday afternoon with the students. The school newsletter will appear each week on the website ( and will be emailed to all parents. We now have most of your email addresses but if haven’t already done so please send your email address to

Staff Farewells

Ms Jones – Head of English
Mrs Curragh – Assistant Leader of Maths
Mrs Hughes – PE Teacher
Mr Roveglia – Cover Supervisor
Mr Gormley – Lay Chaplain
Mrs Hancock – Receptionist
Ms Fry – Careers and Librarian
Mrs Hardwick – Teaching Assistant
Ms Roach – Music Cover

We wish them all every blessing for the future.

Farewell to Mrs Barrett

I’m sure none of my colleagues will mind if I reserve a special word for Mrs Barrett, who is leaving St Gregory’s after 18 years of distinguished service, most recently as Head of School. Her experience, wisdom, patience, determination, faith and perhaps above all her ability to deal with people, will be sorely missed. She will be helping the school for a number of days in her new role as a consultant but it will not be the same without her daily presence. We thank her for her enormous contribution to the school and wish her every blessing for the future.

I would like to wish you all a restful and enjoyable holiday. I look forward to seeing all our students back safe and well, and to welcoming our new students, for the new term in September.

Yours faithfully

R Friel


For further information and key dates please see the following document:

  • Beginning of Term Arrangements [PDF]