Before Christmas, our Year 10 Citizenship students went to London to the Houses of Parliament.

The visit began with a tour of the Palace of Westminster providing the context for learning about the work and role of Parliament. The tour started in the Central Lobby, the heart of British Democracy that connects the House of Lords with the House of Commons. Students then sat in the public gallery in the House of Lords then in the House of Commons watching live debates.

Our tour ended in Westminster Hall, the oldest building in the Parliamentary estate, where Guy Fawkes was put on trial for high treason in 1606.

After the tour, a member of the Parliament Education team delivered an engaging workshop on “Making laws” putting GCSE Citizenship Curriculum into sharp focus.

Minister and MP for Bath and North East Somerset, Mr Don Foster, met with students to answer questions and provided insight in to the day-to-day life of an MP.

A very successful, interesting and informative day!

Mrs J Lemee