Year 9 students, Emily H and Luca R, report on their recent trip to Córdoba.

During our trip to Córdoba we visited so many new and amazing places whilst also trying to learn more Spanish along the way!

The first place we visited was Granada where we met some of the Spanish students from last year’s trip. We went to the Alhambra which was built in the 13th Century. Wow that’s old!

On Sunday we met our partners in Córdoba on the bridge by the Mezquita, which was quite nerve-racking at first. But we soon got into the flow of things and relaxed a bit.

On Monday we went to school where we went to class with our partners and had a rather challenging biology lesson.

Then on Tuesday we went to Seville, where we went to the Alcazar Palace which was built by the Moors. Some students then went to eat some cultural Spanish tapas. After we went to the cathedral, where we climbed up a very tall tower (exhausting). Then finally we visited the Plaza de España and had a bit of an escapade with some rowing boats.

Finally on Wednesday, we had our last day at school then we all went for some beautiful tapas. Then at the end of the day we went into Córdoba with our partners. And finally said a very emotional goodbye.

Emily H and Luca R (Year 9)