Students and staff at St. Gregory’s are celebrating another outstanding year of GCSE exam success. In the English Baccalaureate, the main measure of attainment now recognised by the Government, St. Gregory’s has improved again, with strong performances across all subjects and a high number of students achieving the top grades. Among the headlines are:

  • 46% of students achieved the English Baccalaureate, the Government’s attainment measure for students who achieve A*-C in a range of academic subjects: English, mathematics, two sciences, a language and a humanities subject. Last year, 24% of students nationally and 29% of students in B&NES achieved the EBacc.
  • 78% of students achieved A*-C in English, well above the UK figure published by the JCQ of 52%
  • 93% of students achieved A*-C in English Literature, well above the UK figure of 67%
  • 75% of students achieved an A*-C in mathematics, again well above the UK figure of 61%
  • 40% of students achieved A*-A in Biology, 34% A*-A in Chemistry and 40% A*-A in Physics, with over half of the year group entered for triple science, almost double the national average
  • 64% of students achieved A*-A grade in GCSE Drama, while 43% achieved A*-A in Computing and 40% achieved A*-A in Religious Education, Geography and History

Many of the Year 11 students will now stay on at St. Gregory’s for the sixth form which celebrated an outstanding set of results last week

There were many notable individual achievements, including:

  • Isabella Bez-Cryer who achieved 9A* grades and 1A
  • Her twin sister Rosa who achieved 4A*, 5A and 1B
  • Josh Lacey who achieved 8A* and 2A grades
  • Charlotte Codd who achieved 6A* and 4A grades
  • Amelia Melvin who achieved 6A* and 4A grades
  • Natalia Marchant-Martinez who achieved 6A* and 4A grades
  • Charlotte Morea who achieved 5A*, 4A and 1B
  • Eloisa Newton who achieved 4A*, 5A and 1B
  • Charlotte Perkins who achieved 5A*, 5A and 1B
  • Harriet Poppy Hawkins who achieved 3A* and 8A
  • William King who achieved 3A*, 4A and 1B

Headteacher Raymond Friel commented: “It is a pleasure to see our top grades increase and to celebrate the achievement of our students across the board. We welcome especially our students’ achievement in the English Baccalaureate which has now become the main measure of attainment for schools. Our students deserve their success because they have worked very hard and our teachers and support staff deserve praise and recognition for the exceptional levels of support and encouragement they give to the students. We are also delighted that so many of them can stay at St. Gregory’s and join our thriving sixth form which celebrated such excellent results last week.”

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