A few pupils were lucky enough to get an interview with our Head Teacher this term.

We asked Ms Cusack several questions about teaching as a career and her opinion on reading.

The first question asked was ‘What was your favourite childhood book?’ Ms Cusack replied ‘I used to read so much that I had lots of favourite books’. In primary school I particularly loved ‘The Silver Sword’ by Ian Serraillier. Ms Cusack likes books with adventure and strong characters.

Ms Cusack also enjoys historical fiction, and when we asked her what is she currently reading, she said a book called ‘The Vatican Pimpernel’ by Brian Fleming which is a true story set in Rome about Monsignor Hugh O’Flaherty who was instrumental in saving the lives of many Jewish people during World War II.

Whilst enjoying the classics and historical fiction, Ms Cusack believes ‘everyone should read to younger children’ and that everyone should read a Roald Dahl book; The BFG and The Fantastic Mr Fox being two of her favourites. She also enjoys books by Charles Dickens, especially Oliver Twist, because she ‘loves the fact that he was writing to raise awareness of the impact of poverty and the conditions in the workhouses in Victorian England.’

In the school library, there is a range of classics available to borrow, including the works of Charles Dickens, Charlotte Bronte and Victor Hugo.

The next question was, ‘Have you ever thought about writing your own book?’ Ms Cusack told us that whilst she is good at making up and telling stories, and loves the idea of being able to write a book, she doesn’t have the time! She went on to say that she is amazed at the research that goes into writing a book and thinks you have to be very talented and gifted in order to write.

Perhaps some of you who are reading this article have the desire to write books or stories yourselves. There are often different competitions and opportunities to join in at school and in the library, so just ask one of the Librarians who would be happy to help.

Onto the next question which was ‘Have you ever been inspired by a book?’ Her reply was that it would be extremely hard to choose just one book and that books are inspiring for lots of different reasons.

We wanted to know why Ms Cusack decided to become a teacher, so she explained that she enjoys working with young people but when she was younger she did want to be a Blue Peter presenter. Ms Cusack has been a teacher for 25 years. Before that she was an Arts and Crafts Co-ordinator and an archaeologist. ‘I love teaching and I really enjoy working with young people and watching them grow both academically and socially.’

The final question was ‘Why should people read books?’ Ms Cusack believes that ‘everyone should read for pleasure’ and that ‘reading is a magical experience that can transport you to a different time and place. It fuels the imagination and feeds the mind. Everyone should read!’

Madison C 9P

Photography by Emily C 10L