Fifteen students of St Gregory’s have officially become published authors after their work on the plight of refugees was made into a book.

This week fifteen students of St Gregory’s officially became published authors after their work on the plight of refugees was made into a book. The reflections are based on the Stations of the Cross, and compare the agonising last journey of Jesus’ life, carrying his cross to crucifixion with the journey refugees are making today.

The project to put together a book of reflections, concentrating on this emotive subject that has become the centre of news stories for so long, began over a year ago. Working with myself, the students looked at the different areas of struggle that refugees face, delving deep into their emotional needs and the harsh realities of their circumstances. So many of their situations and ‘points along the journey’ bear striking similarities to Jesus’ own passage from condemnation to death.

Working alongside the writers, other students worked with Mrs Bowden and Mr Duffy to create artwork as a means of expression, with some beautiful work appearing in the book too. The end creation is a set of stations that truly brings a modern twist to praying during the season of Lent and beyond. Each reflection helps us think about how much Jesus gave for us in his struggle to Golgotha, whilst revealing a powerful new perspective.

A huge congratulations to all those involved, their work will hopefully inspire prayerful reflection and sympathy throughout the country. It is hoped schools, parishes and many more will buy this book to use for years to come. It’s available at for £1.95.

Mr Matt Robinson | Lay Chaplain