On Friday 31 March, we held a Mufti Day in response to CAFOD’s DEC emergency appeal.

So far we have collected over £866 which will be shared between the appeal and Mary’s Meals, our Lent Charity. I would like to congratulate 7P for their sponsored silence, raising another £250 for Mary’s Meals. The Tutor Reports, detailed below, demonstrate their dedication and creativity to these very worthwhile charities.

Ms A Cusack, Headmistress



7L were inspired by a recent assembly which showed us the remarkable work of the charity ‘Mary’s Meals.’

The charity’s founder was inspired by the words of a Malawian boy, one of six children who was supporting his dying mother. When asked what he hoped for in life the boy answered, “To have enough to eat and to go to school one day.”

This boy’s words inspired a mission to attract girls and boys to school by providing a daily meal in school. This has been shown to have a positive impact on enrolment, attendance and performance in class, and could even hold the key to eradicating child hunger altogether. The global average cost of feeding a child for a whole school year with Mary’s Meals is just £13.90.

Each tutor group was challenged to raise £13.90 but 7L were determined to feed at least three children for a whole year. Ellen S suggested a treat sale and on Wednesday, sweets, shortbread, brownies and cupcakes were sold to raise funds and a grand total of £74.31 was raised. 7L have therefore helped to feed and educate at least five children.

Well done to all the students who helped run the stall, baked cakes and of course all the students who bought them. A huge thank you also goes to the parents, the bakers in 7L, who assisted in the kitchen! Together we have contributed to improving our world.

Ms Francombe, Tutor of 7L



On Tuesday, 7P came up with the best idea; to have a sponsored silence for 6 hours! It was very difficult and challenging but we were up for it.

We had whiteboards to write on which was fun and some of us used sign language! So far we have raised over £250 for Mary’s Meals and we still have more sponsor money to come. Thank you to everyone who sponsored us.

Neha, Della and Sophie. (7P)