Miss Medcroft, has been named as a public choice winner in the Erasmus+ 2017 photo competition ‘Share the journey’.

Many students at Saint Gregory’s have benefitted from participation in Erasmus+ and Comenius projects over recent years, as part of the schools’ commitment to global learning.

Miss Medcroft, who works on Saint Gregory’s international school partnerships, values the importance of students gaining experience of working together with students of other languages and cultures, and is delighted to see students grow in confidence throughout the course of such projects.

The winning entries were broadcast live on Erasmus+ UK’s Facebook page on Friday 7 July, where the winners gallery can also be found.

Miss Medcroft will receive a special acrylic print of her winning photo at the Erasmus+ National Conference, at Central Hall Westminster in London, on Wednesday 11 October.

Here is Miss Medcroft’s winning Erasmus+ photo story:

“I took this photo of the Sacré Cœur in January 2013, whilst on a Comenius job shadowing placement at a school just south of Paris. The heavy snow meant flights back to the UK were cancelled and I was stranded to enjoy the rare scenes of Paris as a winter wonderland.”

“In addition to the training mobility, I have been involved with three Comenius schools projects and an Erasmus+ school partnership. Since 2010, I have taken secondary school students to Hungary, Poland, Italy, Germany, Iceland, Norway, Greece and Latvia, and received students from these countries, as well as from the Czech Republic, Turkey, Belgium, Finland and Spain.”

“International co-operation through such educational partnerships has shaped not only my own life and career, but more importantly shapes the lives and careers of the future generations, broadening their horizons, opening their eyes to a world of opportunities across Europe and beyond.”