St.Gregory’s v Oldfield

On Tuesday 3 October, the netball team played Oldfield. It was a very close match and both teams played their best. In the first quarter the score was 1-4 to St. Gregory’s. In the second quarter it was 4-5 to St. Gregory’s, so it looked like we might win. The third quarter was 5-5. And, finally the fourth quarter, the score was 6-6. We drew the match but overall had a a good score. Emily was player of the match.

By Emily T

On Tuesday 3 October the year 8 neball team set off to Oldfield. It was a very exciting match and the final score was 15-9 to St. Gregory’s. The team consisted of Raffy (WA), Charlotte (GS), Rose (GK), Ava (GK), Patsy (GD), Mia (C), Daisy (GA), Ruby (WD), Lauren (GD). There was some very accurate shooting and fast passing. Player of the match was Raffy.

By Raffy B

St.Gregory’s v Ralph Allen

Last week St. Gregory’s year 7 netball players went to Ralph Allen to play some matches. We brought two teams to play against Ralph Allen. My team played on the top court. In the first two quarters of the game we played quite well and always tried to get into space, we didn’t score any goals but we let in a few. We improved in the third and fourth quarter, we got the ball to our shooting D and had more possession. We played really well and all the players were great. Although the score was 11-2 to Ralph Allen I think we tried our hardest and had a very good match. Player of the match was Rose.

By Rose O’D