Welcome to the first of our new termly round-ups of news and events at The New Sixth. There has been a lot of work behind the scenes this term at The New Sixth, with a huge variety of events organised to enrich the experience of students.

On Wednesday 10 January, sixth form students attended a hosted talk by a representative of Unifrog, an online tool for sixth form students, bringing every university course, apprenticeship and college course in the UK together into one place. Students can also upload their CVs and Personal Statements to the site so that teachers can provide feedback and write references. The talk explained how the website works and how New Sixth students can explore all of the opportunities available to them.

On Monday 22 January, Year 13 had a visiting speaker from Northumbria University advising on some strategies to deal with stress. The overriding message was that stress can be a good thing and the outward signs of it, racing heart and sweaty palms, are just our bodies way of efficiently dealing with the situation. Ultimately stress is not something to fear but rather to prepare for and manage. A solid revision programme at this stage will have a significant impact in managing stress levels. It was a very positive session with lots of study tips on managing stress including diet tips, revision APPs, managing time and the physiological effects of stress on the body.

Sixth form students also benefitted from an Interview Skills Workshop, delivered by ‘Evolve’ from Northumbria University. This was an hour-long session with hints and tips on how to ‘ace’ an interview with a focus on university interviews. Students were taught the STAR model to use when answering any interview questions.

Year 12 students spent the day at the National Apprenticeship Show in Exeter on Wednesday 31 January gaining valuable information and updates on this growing area of post-18 provision. Many large companies and industries are offering high level apprenticeships which afford students the opportunity to learn and earn.

Year 12 students were also given the opportunity to discover the world of the Royal Marines this term and take a unique look at the role of the special forces. Students were taken through their paces in challenges such as ‘make a stretcher out of rope’ and ‘carrying a wounded Marine’. Team challenges required students to work on their communication, teamwork and problem-solving skills. Physical consequences were in place for any student who broke rules, just like in the Marines. A question and answer session was held which was very informative to life as a Marine.

We also took part in a special event hosted by HMRC, as they provided students with an insight into the organisation and the role it plays in society. They took part in games to work out the costs of government projects and how to detect tax evasion. Students learnt about the ‘Hidden Economy’ and looked at how to apply for roles in HMRC and the Civil Service.

Sixth form students studying A Level PE were invited to attend a unique one-day conference at Prior Park College on Wednesday 7 February aimed at enriching their subject knowledge and understanding of the new curriculum content. The day was an excellent example of how local sixth forms can work together to share good practices in teaching and learning.

And finally, as Term 3 draws to a close, we launch our City Vision project with Year 12 students. The teams have been set and have been charged with the expansive brief of improving Bath. Culminating in a business breakfast with pitches made to industry professionals, this project offers students an invaluable opportunity to show future admissions tutors or employers that they are not just qualifications but possess the soft skills needed to thrive.

Post mocks is the time for students to impact the most progress as they set their sights on success. Next term we will be inviting Jeremy Dry from Maximise Your Potential to speak to all sixth formers about the philosophy of marginal gains – you only ever need to do 1% better.

Happy half term!