We are delighted to have a new group of ambitious, enthusiastic and kind hearted students who have signed up to be a part of the CAFOD Young Leader’s Programme. Taking place at different college venues throughout the year and culminating in a day in London, the course is an ideal opportunity for students to develop personally and professionally whilst making a difference. The first session took place a couple of weeks ago at St Brendan’s College where we met sixth formers from St Bede’s, Bristol and St Brendan’s with others from St Peter’s, Gloucester and St Augustine’s, Trowbridge joining us at a later date.

The day was a long one, led by Sarah from CAFOD HQ in London and Dave Wheat who leads youth ministry in our Diocese of Clifton. We had plenty of time to meet and get to know others, before looking at the basics of campaigning, fundraising and raising awareness and getting to grips with human rights issues that could form the basis for a project over the coming months. Back at the New Sixth we’ve already started to plan our awareness project during enrichment time and the group are hoping that their idea will have a lasting impact when finished.

Matt & Jerry
Matt Robinson and Jerry Parr, Chaplaincy Team

Our Year 12 CAFOD Team this year are the fabulous…
Tazia-Leigh W, Katie R, Lizzy L, Phoebe D and Tia B