The recent Year 11 Hockey tournament at Wellsway saw the team play their first match against Ralph Allen, and then Wellsway on a very chilly Wednesday! Both matches saw the St Gregory’s team really step up and try their hardest. Both opposing sides obviously had several club players, who were organised and efficient. We showed great resilience and kept on regardless and there were some amazing skills on show: Jess C powered on through, Joanna P shouted encouragement constantly and helped her fellow players, and Fleur B took several for the team at the back. Polly L was weaving around the opposition as much as possible, and Lauren F worked her magic, picking the ball from the player as if they were standing still. The final praise must be saved for Lauren D, who saved 27 shots on goal!

We didn’t win the tournament, but for sheer determination and commitment, I felt we came out on top!

Mrs Parker