This week, from 11 – 14 February, a group of 25 students from Hangzhou Yuhang High School in China, joined classes with buddies from Saint Gregory’s across Years 8, 9 & 10.

The week started with a Chinese New Year song and dragon dance, performed in assembly on the Monday morning by the Year 7 Mandarin Excellence Programme students.

Following a welcome presentation in the Bond Pavilion, the Chinese students were taken on a tour of the school by their buddies, with Sixth Form Ambassadors conducting a tour for the Chinese teachers. The Chinese students attended a broad range of curriculum lessons, by following their buddies timetables and accompanying their buddies to class.

The Chinese visitors joined the Year 7 & 8 Mandarin Excellence classes, after school on Tuesday and Wednesday, taking part in engaging activities such as making Chinese New Year lanterns, and making a Year of the Pig display. Other activities in Mandarin classes throughout the week included making Chinese New Year greetings cards and using calligraphy pens to write Chinese New Year envelopes.

Year 10 Mandarin students discussed Chinese festive food vs British festive food with their Chinese guests. Great friendships developed, with the week providing an excellent opportunity for students to learn about many aspects of each others language and culture.

The week culminated with a ceremony in the school hall, on the Thursday afternoon, including student performances of music, song and dance. Certificates were awarded to the Chinese students in recognition of their time at Saint Gregory’s.

International learning is firmly embedded at Saint Gregory’s, with students being given many varied opportunities to develop skills for life and work in today’s global society.

Miss Medcroft
International Co-ordinator