On Tuesday our group of willing Year 10 students who are part of the CAFOD Young Volunteer Course travelled to St Joseph’s College in Swindon to take part in a full day session alongside the groups from our other Catholic secondaries in the diocese. Led by Dave Wheat (Diocesan Youth Ministry co-ordinator) and Sarah Wells from CAFOD HQ in London, participants were invited to share our recent fundraising successes, before exploring the issue of climate change in greater depth.

CAFOD have recently launched a new climate change campaign called ‘Common home’, challenging us to work together to go further and faster to end climate change. A key element of this campaign is to make our country ‘zero added’ in terms of our contribution to the world’s ecological issues – coming from this is the concept of zero heroes. By being ambassadors for change in our school communities students such as those in the CAFOD team can become zero heroes. Later in the day they were invited to think up an ABC of making a difference back in St Gregory’s which you can see in the image below. It is obvious to see on day’s like this how much our young people care about the planet and want to have a positive impact upon it. We’re hoping they can come back to school and positively impact our own environmental footprint.

Mr M Robinson
Lay Chaplain