Inspired by a recent Green Peace talk by Mike Berners-Lee, author of ‘There is no planet b’, two impassioned sixth form students came up with the idea to set up a new whole-school Eco-Team aimed at tackling the growing issue of consumerism and turn the tide on environmental damage created by modern society.

Emily and Sophia audited the school’s environmental impact and put a project plan together to highlight and tackle some of the main issues, bringing on board members from every tutor to help.

Here’s what they had to say in a recent interview:

“We’ve been really fortunate to have had amazing support from Ms Cusack who has come up with lots of ideas,” says Emily. “We have already put in place a number of projects to raise awareness and help improve recycling around the school site and have put in grant applications and fundraising plans to help finance some of the bigger projects, such as whole school recycling bins.”

“Teachers have been really encouraging and the feedback from our ‘Lights Off Day’, and the plastic pen recycling scheme has been really positive,” said Sophia. “We’ve recently run assemblies across the whole school to talk about the issues of climate change and looked at the things that we can all do, as a school community, to make a difference and reduce our impact on the planet. There are still lots of projects on our wish-list but we’re tackling them one by one and also growing a strong team of supporters to help us.”


Watch this space everyone!