To begin a very busy day for Chaplaincy on Tuesday, we joined around 70 other students from schools across the diocese at St Bede’s Catholic College in Bristol for the first session of this years’ Young Volunteers Programme. In the past, the charity CAFOD have led all the input into this course, which gives the 15 of our pupils participating, a comprehension insight into the far reaching work of CAFOD. Students have then fundraised and campaigned on their behalf in St Gregory’s all year. However, this years programme has been expanded to include learning about the work of two other charities, who our students will learn more about later in the year.

Their first campaign which came out of their day together will be to lead on CAFOD’s World Gifts campaign, which raises money for specific items and projects around the world that make a tangible difference. Our year 10 group have started to brainstorm ideas for fundraising and how they can maximise involvement throughout the school. We look forward to seeing the fruits of their labour and watching them develop into more confident individuals as a result of this enriching programme.

Mr Robinson
Lay Chaplain