The House Cross Country date has changed to Tuesday 22 October due to the Year 11 Futures Day. The day will run as follows:

Period 1: Year 7
1 field laps & 1 lane lap

Period 2: Year 11, 12 &13
3 field laps & 1 extended lane lap

Period 3: Year 9
3 field lap & 1 lane lap

Period 4: Year 8
2 field laps & 1 lane lap

Period 5: Year 10
3 field laps & 1 extended lane lap

All competitors to wear Saint Gregory’s PE Kit all day, if wet conditions please bring school uniform to change into (only school PE kit to be worn with House/Enrichment week hoodies) Students not participating need to be in school uniform.

Lessons 1-5 all students must go to their lessons to register first before going to the field.
All PE classes to register in the gym.

We would like the whole tutor group to take part, at the very least teams must consist of a minimum number of two boys & two girls per House (Bakhita, Francis, Romero, & Stein).
Each runner gets 10 points for their house. The overall result will be decided by the places of the first six runners from each house.

1st place = 1 Point
2nd place = 2 Points
10th place = 10 Points

The team of six with the least points wins the year group contest.

Students with medical problems e.g. Asthma should bring their inhalers with them.

Students NOT participating will be in normal lessons.

Mr Brodie
PE Department