This time of year places so much focus on the significance of others and their memories being an integral part of who each and every one of us is.

All Saints and All Souls days encourage us to appreciate the example of our departed loved ones who live in our hearts still, and also the saints of the Church who through their lives help us on our own journey of faith. All this week has seen students lead one another in assemblies on the theme of remembrance with some very thoughtful reflections on the history of the poppy around the world and use of St John’s Gospels in WW1.

On Friday 8th Nov we gathered as a praying community for the celebration of Mass, giving thanks for the service of all those who gave their lives for their country, for the togetherness and spirit of every person affected by the wars of the twentieth century and to pray for a future where reconciliation and peace can be the first port of call before conflict. Fr Richard preached about the particular significance of the power of memories in our lives. A number of staff and students also brought in items from their own family history including photos and medals for a display next to the altar.

At the beginning of this week we gathered together once more for a service of remembrance around the flagpole in the piazza. Several of our students and staff came into school in their cadet uniforms and were present at the flagpole to lay our wreath and participate in the two minute silence. We are blessed with such talented musicians and just as for our remembrance Masses on Friday a student was able to play the last post for us, with the iconic tune piercing through the noise of passing traffic. We were incredibly proud of all those who contributed to this time of year and have taken part in the various ways – selling poppies, preparing services, reading and playing.

Mr M Robinson
Lay Chaplain