On Monday 25 November 2019, Miss Medcroft attended the International School Award Ceremony, at the British Council in London.

Miss Medcroft, International Co-ordinator, was presented the Award on behalf of Saint Gregory’s, by Sir Ciarán Devane, Chief Executive Officer of the British Council, in recognition of our school’s broad-ranging international work.

International School Award Ceremony, 25 November 2019

An international ethos is embedded throughout Saint Gregory’s, with activities and opportunities for students to gain skills for life and work in today’s global society.

Students are able to meet and work alongside students from other countries, as well as to travel abroad on trips or visits.

Students acquire increased knowledge, awareness and tolerance about other countries, cultures and languages, as well as confidence in communicating with people from different backgrounds.

The International School Award fittingly reflects Saint Gregory’s commitment to internationalism.

Miss Medcroft,
International Co-ordinator