Last week the eco-team and a group of the tutor environment reps attended a conference at Komedia on the issue of Plastics and the ocean. The conference featured an array of speakers from across the spectrum of environmentalism – a company who make products from ocean plastic, Wessex Water, a courageous young lad from St John’s RC Primary, City to sea who encourage the use of reusable water bottles and the keynote speaker, Emily Penn from eXXpedition.

They spoke about both the problems we have created and continue to cause, both to our local community and the greater impact around the globe. But also were full of suggestions for changing our way of thinking, affecting our approach to things such as wet wipes, whether or not single use recyclable plastics are still necessary and becoming ‘plastic superheros!’ by utilising our skillset. So much of what the speakers had to share was inspiring and we only wish the entire school and wider community could have been privy to the messages they shared. A special mention has to go to the speaker from St John’s Primary who was brave enough to not only give a speech to hundreds of young people but then took a seat on the Q & A panel.

If you drink water out and about why not try the refill app which shows you the location of nearby shops and cafes who have signed up to refilling water bottles for free.

Mr Robinson
Lay Chaplain