We are truly travelling in unchartered waters, and none of us more so than our beloved Year 11 students. As national school closures were announced last week, it became apparent that Friday would be the last day in school for this cohort. Despite the enormous disappointment and uncertainty facing them, they were brave and cheerful.


They gathered in tutor groups in the afternoon to celebrate a wonderful five years together. Despite obvious worries, the Year 11 students were in good spirits and spent the afternoon eating pizza, signing school shirts and saying farewell to their friends. As usual this year group were an honour to themselves and go forward with, quite rightly, a reputation of being a charismatic, friendly and much-loved year group.

We will meet again – we will do all we can to rearrange the Prom when all is well again and we will have a proper leavers’ day!

In the meantime, we wish this delightful year group the very best. Keep calm and study hard! We will miss you but look forward to seeing you in better times.

Mrs J Tidball & Mrs S Brodie