I hope you had a restful and pleasant Easter and are ready for the start of term on Monday 20 April (Week B).

Following yesterday’s announcement by government, we now know that schools will remain closed for the majority of students for another three weeks. Beyond that there is still some uncertainty but we will continue to keep you informed and update our strategies to ensure our students receive the very best education possible.

Phase 3 Teaching and Learning

You will have received a letter from school today outlining the work that has been undertaken over the Easter period and the next phase of our students’ educational journey. We hope that some of the new procedures and platforms that we have put in place go some way to creating a more sustainable and interactive forum for teaching and learning going forwards. These journeys will be slightly different depending on year groups but should further support students in their organisation and learning during this prolonged period of closure.

It is important to reiterate that virtual school environments cannot be the only solution and must be responsive to the variation in home circumstances for our families. We understand the many issues and challenges you are facing at home and simply ask that students do their best in the given circumstances.

In all of this, please remember that staff are here to offer their full support to you all. Staff are contactable via email during school hours and should be approached if additional help is needed to access the work being set. All email addresses can be found on our website at: https://www.st-gregorys.org.uk/about-us/our-staff/ We will do our best to get back to you swiftly. For safeguarding reasons, we ask that students only email using their school accounts.

Next week, we will be sending home detailed information on logins, together with user guides for both parents/carers and students, as well as our new Remote Learning Policy.


School will be open from Monday 20 April only for those children of key workers and vulnerable children where there are no other, safe alternatives and who have registered their needs with school and where a space has been booked and confirmed. As you all know the government are asking that children stay safely at home whenever possible and so this provision is only for those students who need to attend.

If you feel that you may need to make use of these emergency provisions, please email us at keyworker@st-gregorys.org.uk so that we can ascertain your needs.

Our prayers are with all the students and families in our community, for your health and happiness now and in the future.

With every good wish and blessing to your family.

Yours faithfully

Ann Cusack