Each time, when our school community come together to raise money for a cause or support a charity in other practical ways, I’m always conscious of seeing the ‘fruits of our labour’. The exceptional levels of generosity shown by everyone each year places trust in both us as a school, and the charities we partner up with, to make the most of your loving kindness. It’s why I think it’s important to display certificates we are sent and pass on words of thanks.

Additionally, as I’m sure you can appreciate there is also respect, dignity and privacy to be taken into account. We can’t always give details of all donations distributed, particularly when it comes to hampers and parcels. What I can do though is assure you that we make the most of all our links and knowledge to direct help and support to where it is needed. There are also several charities and organisations who we have passed on the Christmas Hampers to which I’d like to share with you today.

Julian House collected a large amount of our hampers and donations due to the extensive work they undertake with several vulnerable groups in the community. We received a number of hampers from our students who wished for homeless individuals to be supported, which included treats for canine friends too! We have since received the following message of thanks:

“Just to say a big thank you for the donation before Christmas, it was greatly appreciated. I’ve attached a thank you certificate from us, please pass on my thanks to everyone involved.”

Bath Area Play Project were incredibly grateful for the gifts the previous year and asked if we could support them again. Miss Stork and Year 11 placed a particular focus on ensuring their donations went to the charity in Odd Down who place promoting and facilitating positive activities for children and young people at the heart of their work.

“Thank you to everyone who has helped families this Christmas you are amazing. You have made a difference and truly are stars!”

All Saints Church also received twenty of your hampers to distribute at their drop in welcome café and food club.

“Our last Café on the 21st December was a bit of a ‘Christmas Party’ and the hampers were an added surprise. Everyone was so grateful and they really made a difference.”

Thank you for your help in supporting these vital causes within our community.

Mr Robinson
Lay Chaplain