Now that all the entries and submissions have been collated, and all the incredible distances up and down the hills of Bath have been calculated – we can reveal the house points awarded.


For these four Kahoot quizzes on spring, mindfulness, healthy eating and the news we awarded points for participation (1st score) and overall winning points (2nd score).

STEIN – 205 + 175 = 380pts
BAKHITA – 295 + 200= 495pts
FRANCIS – 210 + 150= 360pts
ROMERO – 230 + 75= 305pts

Special mention to Ollie C, Kylian, Milo T, Benita, Sylvie, Johanna, Ema & Rebecca O


This challenge centred around being able to climb the hills of Bath as a house through forms of exercise such as star jumps, dance, walking, burpees, etc. Every house managed the equivalent distance over 30 times collectively, however, Romero stormed new heights and reached the summits of Bath 86 times over! They were helped by the efforts of staff in their house who submitted their entries too. This time the points totals are participation + winning points + bonus points = total for get active.

STEIN – 395 + 75 + 60= 530pts
BAKHITA – 420+ 50 + 90= 560pts
FRANCIS – 360 + 0 + 60= 420pts
ROMERO – 360 + 100 + 90= 550pts

Special mention to the following who each earned their house bonus points:
Charlotte P, Ida D, Johnny P, Oliver W-S

Eloise H, Enya, Isabel G, Luca H, Jakub, Zara B

Charlie U, Ciaran V, Grace E, Kelsey C

Amy H, Thomas P, Johanna, Imogen, Zach D, Michael N


For so many students ‘get crafty’ is music to their ears, and we marvelled at some of the creativity on show. So many took to origami like a duck to water or came up with beautiful decorations and eggs ready for Easter which is already so close! Points were again awarded for participation, winning totals and bonuses!

STEIN – 415+ 75 + 150= 640pts
BAKHITA – 425+ 75 + 150= 630pts
FRANCIS – 370 + 50 + 100= 520pts
ROMERO – 350 + 25 + 50= 425pts

Special mentions to the following who earned lots of bonus points for their house:

Maddy B, Luna M, Jason N, Oliver W and Paola J-V

Danielle M, Luca H, Leo J, Isobel L and Lyla S

Lucy B, Henry H, Ophelia H and Ollie R

Hannah B and Rachel L


I believe Mrs Tidball is keen to extend the opportunity to submit photos for that part of the springwatch activity, so we decided this activity would score participation points only. Take a look:

STEIN – 705pts
BAKHITA – 810pts
FRANCIS – 725pts
ROMERO – 640pts


The final activity to award points for was baking, particularly hot cross buns due to their religious significance as we close in on Holy Week in a couple of weeks’ time. Miss Auburn was effusive in her praise of everyone, but did choose overall winners: Hannah B, followed by Kamara S and in third place Josh S. Points have again been awarded in the 3 aforementioned categories.

STEIN – 390+ 50+ 180= 620pts
BAKHITA – 425+ 75 + 240= 740pts
FRANCIS – 365 + 0 + 150= 515pts
ROMERO – 355 + 150 + 195= 700pts

Special mentions to the following who earned the bonus points –
Josh P, Maddy & Florence B, Johnny P, Kamara S, Leo J, Francesca W, Matty B, Ciaran V, Henry H, Hannah Bibin, Zach & Imogen, Luca G.


1st Place: BAKHITA 3255

2nd Place: STEIN 2875

3rd Place: ROMERO 2620

4th Place: FRANCIS 2590

New overall totals are:

1st Place: BAKHITA 11,228

2nd Place: STEIN 10,453

3rd Place: ROMERO 10,317

4th Place: FRANCIS 10,292