The aim of the Easter Consolidation Conference is to give students an opportunity to complete NEAs and go over any topics they may have struggled with in preparation for the assessments in Term 5. The offers from different subjects are varied – for example Art will be solely focused on completing your NEA, whereas Maths will look at specific topics and techniques.

The subjects are spread across the Easter break to try and avoid clashes. There is no obligation to go to anything or everything! Some subjects will invite students to a session because they feel they would benefit from it. We will put all the materials used in Google Classroom, so if students cannot make a session or it is already full, they can still access the materials.

Bookings will be made using the same system we use for parents’ evenings – all online.

On the days students are in they will be in their own clothes. There will be no catering, so students need to bring a packed lunch, drinks and snacks.

The full programme can be found in the document below and will show what is on for each day. Look carefully at the timings – they are different for different subjects. If you have any queries about the sessions or timings, please email the teacher running that session.


For any general queries e mail Mrs Tidball on

Yours faithfully

Mrs J Tidball
Director of Studies