Despite all the setbacks due to Covid we are delighted to be bringing a slightly different version of Enrichment Week 2021 to St Gregory’s!

This year’s theme is ‘Rewrite the Stars’ – we are celebrating diversity and uniqueness during this week.

  • It will run on Thursday 15 July – Friday 16 July and Monday 19 July – Tuesday 20 July.
  • Everything will be school based, apart from the Duke of Edinburgh students, who will be undertaking part of their Bronze and Gold Duke of Edinburgh award at All Hallows.
  • Each year group will follow a different pathway throughout the week.
  • Students will need to wear school PE kit every day (they will be able to wash their kit over the weekend!)

We look forward to an extremely busy yet enriching week at St. Gregory’s to end the year on a positive note!

Mrs McHale
Head of PE and Enrichment

PATHWAYS: Creative / Art & Technology / Sport / STEM

The Creative Pathway will involve a series of Performing workshops focussing on the theme of ‘Rewrite the Stars’. This will introduce the students to next year’s school production looking at audition practice, key scenes, choral choreography and materials to promote the show. There will be wellbeing sessions and creative writing sessions influenced by the works of Roald Dahl.

The Art & Technology Pathway will be exploring the First Nation people of North America (Native Americans). We will be celebrating aspects of their History, Geography, Culture, Religion and Art. We will be unpicking the myths around Native Americans and investigating how they really lived and what happened to this vibrant and interesting culture.

The Sport Pathway will involve celebrating cultural diversity and raise awareness of UEFA European Championships 2021 through a football and rounders competition. Each team will be allocated to a country who are competing at the Euro’s (UEFA European Championship) this summer. Over the course of the day students will learn about the country, have a poster created, and will have knowledge of the culture of that country. The day will finish with a House Tug of War competition which is always a highly anticipated event.

The STEM Pathway will put students in the shoes of forensic police officers. Following in the footsteps of popular TV programs, such as CSI and In the Line of Duty, students will carry out a number of scientific techniques to investigate a crime scene to uncover the truth behind a complex case.

Students will participate in teams to learn about the science behind finger printing, fibre analysis, chemical analysis and more. As part of St Gregory’s very own CSI unit, students will enjoy carrying out these techniques and investigations to discover which of our suspects actually committed the crime.

Bronze & Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award

Our DofE expedition will see students plan and travel the length of a walk  as a team from anywhere in the world e.g Inca Trail, Peru 45km, Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania 45km, Milford Track, New Zealand 53km. Throughout the expedition students will develop g skills such as problem solving, navigation skills, first aid, teamwork and bush craft through a variety of activities.

Pathways Timetable:

Sports Day 2021

This year’s sports day will take place on Monday 12 and Tuesday 13 July. Competitors to wear PE kit all day (enrichment hoody is optional). Further information for competitors will follow via Tutor Groups and Memo Keeper.

Monday 12th July 2021
Period 1 – Y8 Track events Competitors ONLY
Period 2 – Y9 Track events Competitors ONLY
Period 3 – Y10/Y12 Track events Competitors ONLY
Period 4 – Y7 Track events Competitors ONLY
Period 5 – Y10 & Y12 Field events for Competitors ONLY

Tuesday 13th July 2021
Period 1 – Y7 Field events Competitors ONLY
Period 2 – Y9 Field events Competitors ONLY
Period 3 – Y8 Field events Competitors ONLY
Period 4 – Y7 & Y9 Track Finals Competitors ONLY
Period 5 – Y8 & Y10/Y12 Track Finals Competitors ONLY

Competitors to wear PE kit all day (enrichment hoody is optional).