Last week all of Year 7 visited Chepstow Castle on either Wednesday or Friday as part of their ongoing study in History on the Norman invasion and conquest. Chepstow Castle is one of the oldest stone castles in Britain with its foundations going back to 1067. We are so pleased to be able to run these fantastic experiences again for our students again the last few years of disruption.

They have been studying the Battle of Hastings, William the Conqueror, and his use of castles in recent classwork so this was a superb educational opportunity to see a local castle of this type in action. Year 7 will also soon have an assessment on the development of Castles in the Medieval era, so this was a perfect opportunity to get some first-hand knowledge.

They were guided around the castle by our wonderful History team and shown the defensive features that made Chepstow an impenetrable fortress. Students completed a booklet as they explored the castle, explaining why the Normans choose this location and how the castle developed over time.

The highlight was the weapons display with the crossbow and swords. Mr Eddiford, our weapons expert, demonstrated the power of Medieval swords by chopping bottles into small pieces, illustrating just how deadly they were! Some lucky students (and teachers!) were even given an opportunity to get hands-on with this weaponry! Thank you to all of year 7 who were wonderfully well behaved on Wednesday and Friday. Look out for more History trips in the future.

Mr M Leaman
Head of History