Religious Education

Head of Department: Ms Spindler
Faculty Staff: Mrs Bailey (Assistant Leader in RE), Mr Bird, Ms Hollywood, Mr West, Mr Saunders
Level of teaching: Key Stage 3, Key Stage 4, Key Stage 5

The aims of the Religious Education syllabus is to provide each young person with the opportunity to develop their understanding of the Christian faith and to appreciate the spiritual and religious dimensions of life. It is hoped that this will enable each young person to make informed and balanced judgements on matters of faith and morals, both now and in the future.

As a Catholic school whose mission and values are underpinned by the Christian faith, Religious Education forms an integral part of every students’ learning. The subject encourages students to investigate and explore the nature and diversity of religion and faiths and their importance for individuals and society. It allows students to openly discuss and debate theology in a relevant and interesting context.

Full account is taken of the Liturgical seasons of the Church’s year and topical lessons are undertaken when the Church’s seasons fall within the school year. The work of the Religious Education Faculty is intended to make a major contribution to the personal, moral and spiritual development of each young person, as well as to contribute to the wider spiritual life of the school community as a whole.

Key Stage 3 (Years 7-9)

The aim of RE at Key stage 3 is to increase knowledge and understanding of the religious dimension to life as well as opportunities to question, enquire, reflect and respond to the challenges of faith. We provide opportunities to stimulate students’ curiosity and enjoyment of RE; to help students recognise and appreciate the religious and spiritual dimensions in life; to allow all students, irrespective of their religion, belief, gender, ethnic origin and academic ability, to have equal access to the curriculum; to help students gain a deeper knowledge and understanding of the catholic faith as an expression of our relationship with God; to help students gain a knowledge, understanding and respect for the religious beliefs of other faith traditions. It is our intention that this will enable them to make informed and balanced judgments on matters of faith and morals both now and in the future. Students are encouraged to ask questions and think for themselves throughout the study of these topics and consider their own direction of their faith journey and how they respond to God’s call.

All students study a range of topics throughout lower school that include: St Gregory & Monasticism, Jesus, Judaism, Islam, God, Right & Wrong, the Sacraments, People of the Old Testament, Pilgrimage, Christian Responsibility & Relationships.

All students are assessed regularly and are made aware of their current level of working.

Year 7

Terms 1 & 2
Introduction to RE
Who Is God?
Who is Jesus?
Terms 3 & 4
What is the Kingdom of God?
What are the sacraments of healing?
Relationship education
Terms 5 & 6
What are the signs of identity for the Jewish people?
What are the joys and challenges of living as people of God?

Year 8

Terms 1 & 2
What does it mean to be a covenant people?
How is Jesus the new covenant?
Terms 3 & 4
​Relationship education
How does early church history guide us?
Terms 5 & 6
What is Sacrament of reconciliation. What is right and wrong?
What are the signs of Hindu identity?

Year 9

Terms 1 & 2
How can life be considered a pilgrimage?
What are we called to be – Vocation?
Terms 3 & 4
What are the signs of Islamic identity?
How should I live my life? (relationship education)
What are the signs of Buddhist identity?
Terms 5 & 6
Contemporary Moral and Philosophical issues
GCSE RE Course – Introduction to Jewish Beliefs and practices

Key Stage 4 (Years 10-11)

Course code: GCSE Eduqas GCSE (9-1)
Exam Board Specifications: gcse/eduqas-gcse-RS-specfull-from2016 Route B/

Component 1 – Foundational Catholic Theology.
Theme 1 – Origins and Meaning
Theme 2 – Good and Evil

1hr 30 minute exam 37.5% of grade

Component 2 – Applied Catholic Theology.
Theme 1 – Life and Death
Theme 2 – Sin and Forgiveness

1hr 30 minute exam 37.5% of grade

Component 3 – Judaism.
Theme 1 – Beliefs and Teachings
Theme 2 – Practices

1 hour exam 25% of grade

Key Stage 5 (Years 12-13)

Course Code: A Level Philosophy, Ethics & Religion Eduqas
Exam Board Specification:

Recommended Entry Requirements

  • Grade 5 GCSE RE
  • Grade 5 GCSE English
  • Other humanities grades will be considered if RE has not been studied at GCSE

Why Philosophy, Ethics & Religion?
In this subject you will have the opportunity to develop your interest in a rigorous study of philosophy, ethics, religion and belief and relate it to the wider world. You will develop an understanding and appreciation of religious thought and its contribution to individuals, communities and societies. You will adopt an enquiring, critical and reflective approach to the study of religion, reflect on and develop your own values, opinions and attitudes in the light of your study. You will develop your knowledge and understanding appropriate to a specialist study of religion. A Level Religious Studies is designed to enable you to develop your interest in, and enthusiasm for, a study of religion and its place in the wider world.


No Coursework
Examinations at end of Year 13 (Essay and Structured Questions)
33.3 % – A Study of Religion
33.3% – Philosophy of Religion
33.3% – Religion and Ethics

Recommended Reading

In addition to the course books, we recommend as introductory reading material
The Puzzle of Ethics and The Puzzle of God by Peter Vardy; The Gospel of John; Sophie’s World by Jostein Gaarder; Christian Theology by Alistair McGraph; The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins; The Dawkins Delusion by Alistar McGrath; Dialogue magazines available in the LRC.

General RE:

All students in the sixth form attend one lesson of Enrichment RE per week. Each term has a different theme which is believed to be of interest to our students and prepares them for life in the wider world. The topics are as follows:

  • Humans Rights
  • Pax Christi
  • Learning to Love
  • Leading a Happier Life
  • Ethical Issues
  • Religion and Art
  • A study of World religions

Resources & Links:

Years 7-13

Years 7-9
Sacraments and Catholic beliefs search ‘Busted halo’ has films and information
Christian beliefs and practices

Year 10 & 11
YouTube: Search ‘MrMcmillan eduqas’ for revision clips
SENECA Revision

Year 11
YouTube: Judaism ‘BimBam’ search YouTube films on Judaism also Judaism 101

Year 11 RE Exam Revision Resources:


We are fortunate to have a Lay Chaplain who runs a wide range of activities including meditation, prayer, weekly Mass, fundraising activities and charity awareness. We also celebrate whole school Mass on Feast Days and at the beginning and end of terms. The RE department assists the Chaplain in the program of retreats for all students in Year 7-9.

In addition to after school supported study and revision sessions the department also have a Key Stage 3 Philosophy Book and Film Club, Debate Club and a Christian Union group which is run by Year 11 students.

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