Dance GCSE

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Examination Board AQA 8236
Subject Leader Mrs Pearson
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Qualification Aims:

Dance is a rewarding option, though not an easy one. It gives you a chance to explore your creativity and artistic expression. Helping to develop confidence, communication, determination, organisation skills and physical fitness, all of which are essential skills in life and the work place. The GCSE dance course also serves as an introduction to studying and training in dance.

Course Content

The course focuses on the aesthetic and artistic qualities of dance and the use of movement as a medium of expression and communication through performance, creation and appreciation.

Students will have the opportunity to:

  • Create dances which are performed and presented to others
  • Study a range of different choreographic styles and develop a breadth of vocabulary and an understanding of dance form
  • View and appreciate dance in the professional repertoire
  • Develop their ability to analyse and appraise movement, content and performance
  • Develop an awareness and understanding of the health and safety requirements implicit in all dance.

The new GCSE Dance syllabus is assessed as follows:

Component 1: Performance and Choreography

Performance (30%)
Set phrases through a solo performance
Duet/trio performance

Choreography (30%)
Solo or group choreography

This is marked internally and externally moderated.
Total Practical: 60% of final CGSE

Component 2: Dance Appreciation

  • Knowledge and understanding of choreographic processes and performing skills
  • Critical appreciation of own work
  • Critical appreciation of professional works

Written exam: 1 hour 30 minutes
40% of final CGSE

Am I suitable for the course?

The course is suitable for any student who would like to develop their own understanding of dance in choreography, performance and appreciation. Students will need to be prepared to work in their own time on practical coursework as well as take part in performances in and outside of school.