Music GCSE

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Examination Board Edexcel 1MU0
Subject Leader Miss Townsend
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Aims of the course:

The course offers students the chance to explore different genres of music in an engaging and practical way. Students will have many opportunities to broaden their skill set through trips and workshops. There will be many performance opportunities.

The Course

The course explores a selection of pieces from a variety of areas of study. These areas include:

1. Instrumental Music (Bach and Beethoven)
2. Vocal Music (Purcell and Queen)
3. Music from Stage and Screen (Wicked and Star Wars)
4. Fusion (Samba and Folk Music)

Students will learn key features of these styles through studying set works from an anthology of music. They will then have a listening examination at the end of the course which will contain extracts from these set works as well as music from unseen works (which will be similar in style to those studied) Students will then be required to answer the related questions. Performance and composition are also studied through these topics and all students who enrol on the course are strongly advised that they should be having individual instrumental or voice lessons as there is a requirement to perform at a grade 3/4 standard by the end of the course. They do not need to have taken any graded exams, just the ability to perform to that level. It is also an expectation that, in order to fulfil the performing in a group performance aspect of the course, students will attend an extra curricular activity offered within the music department. Students will submit two compositions during the course which will be completed over the two-year course.

The Teaching (Course Components)

Performing on any instrument or voice (30%)
Students have to submit one solo performance of their choice and a performance in a group. Both need to last for a minimum of four minutes.

Composing/Arranging (30%)
Students have to submit two compositions/ arrangements – one needs to be related to different topics studied during the course and the second is a free composition.

Listening and Appraising (40%)
Students sit a listening paper that demonstrates their understanding of the set works covered throughout the course.

The Assessment
All coursework (60%) will be completed by Easter in the second year of the course. The listening paper (40%) is completed in the final term of Year 11.