Lasallian Camp 2022

Lasallian Camp 2022 c

Last weekend was the annual Lasallian Camp, bringing De La Salle schools from across the country together to St Cassian’s, Kintbury for a celebratory weekend.  We took a group of 37 students from Year 7 up to Year 10 with us to enjoy a mixture of games, outdoor activities, new friendships and worship.  Many of the students were from a faith background, yet many were not, but came away having seen how our Christian values can be so wonderfully shared in a De La Salle experience.

The camp began with a BBQ worthy of the feeding of the 5000!  There were over 150 students and staff at the camp yet the call to go up for more food came again and again.  Gathering around a campfire followed, allowing everyone to embrace the bizarre but enjoyable array of songs, complete with many an action.  After the earliest of early wake up calls (4.30am chatting in the tent next to staff!), everyone threw themselves into a packed day of activities in the glorious sunshine.  Amazingly, there was still lots of energy remaining to belt out the music for Mass in a rehearsal and, in true Kintbury fashion, we saw Mass celebrated with maximum participation from all our young people.

Sunday morning brings a final celebration liturgy titled ‘Good News’ where each school offers a reflection of their time at St Cassian’s via the means of dance, song, poem, drama or presentation.  Our incredible students amalgamated freeze frames of their favourite moments before sharing their original chant in full voice! The message of any experience at Kintbury is to take the ‘Good News’ home with you, in the words of the Lasallian call and response Live Jesus in our hearts, Forever!

Mr Robinson, Lay Chaplain