Our Mission

“As a Catholic school, our inspiration is Jesus Christ. We therefore promote the dignity and well-being of every child and ensure that they flourish with us in a safe, happy and enriching environment.
We believe that everyone is gifted and called by God to fulfil some definite service for the greater good of society. We will help our students to discover their vocation in life, to achieve their full potential and to use their gifts for the greater glory of God.”

Mission Statement, approved by the Governing Body, March 2015

St Gregory’s Creed

At St. Greg’s, we are a family.
We believe in the living presence of God in our school, our community and world.
We are all equal and worthy of dignity and RESPECT
in a community founded on inclusion and diversity.
We support each other and recognise our potential to thrive.
ASPIRATION and quality education are at the heart of our mission.
We walk together in the footsteps of Jesus and witness to the Gospel.
Our RESPONSIBILITY is to always be kind and caring to all
and to be stewards of creation.
We all have VIRTUES and are valued and loved in the sight of God.
Each of our lives is a gift to be nurtured
as we journey together towards our true vocation.

In Christ we Flourish